Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 9, 2011

What If Life Were More Like A Video Game?

You would think that just about everything had been thought of for the old arcade games. It turns out that there are always new surprises on the horizon with this Arcade game meets go-kart combo.

If you remember playing those racing games such as Out Run in all of their archaic glory, you thought that it must be like driving a real car, as it was the closest to the real thing you’d ever come. Now that you drive real cars and know that most of the same joy is not there, you wish that things could at least be more entertaining visually. The OutRun project takes real-time roads and turns them into 8bit video game visuals.

It does seem a bit silly to go from real life to fake back to real life, but this brings up a lot of new opportunities and avenues for gaming. Not to mention that it can branch out into other fields as well as the following video describes.


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