Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 26, 2011

Closure: A Game That Only Exists In The Light

If you were ever afraid of there being monsters in the dark, you were likely told at least once that there was nothing there. While you thought that those sort of statements were complete rubbish, you knew somewhere deep inside that they were right.

Similarly to those statements heard in your childhood, Closure is a game that took that to heart. Ok, they took it a little too far, but that adds to the fun of it! This game is one set in an almost nightmarish world of scribbly-looking black and white. The point of the game is to stay in or on things that are illuminated by a orb that your character carries. It’s a pretty suspenseful game, seeing as there are moving bits and bobs that you have to react very quickly to. Unless of course, you’d rather fall into the great abyss of darkness underneath you.

Tyler Glaiel and Jon Schubbe spent three years making this magical world happen, and they put some amazing music in to accompany this game. There is an older flash version they have done that you can play here, but this newer, updated version is going to blow the old one out of the water as they stated in their FAQ: “The difference between the flash version and this one is the difference between the original Mario Bros. arcade game and Super Mario World for the SNES.” It’s got about six to eight hours of game play with about 100 levels for you to figure out. Who’s ready for suspense and quick thinking?



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