Posted by Chad Kilinski on Sep 28, 2011

Journey, An Innovative New Game, To Be Released Early 2012

With Journey being released for the PS3 comes a gametype never before witnessed by our young eyes.  You are a robed figure thrown into a vast land with one sole purpose, make it to the mountain in the distance.  Not knowing where you are due to no map and not knowing what to do because of a lack of instructions, you play by instinct.  This instinct is what can make the game very interesting.

Visualize this: you are treking through the sands of a desert.  You have no idea how big this desert is, but you keep walking to the only thing that sticks out to you, the mountain in the distance.  Suddenly, you spot another person but are unable to identify them.  Is this an NPC or a real person?  From interactions you can tell that this is someone on another computer which may be on the other side of the world.  You try to type a message to them but you can’t.  You try to find out their username but you can’t.  All you can do is choose to travel with them or not.  Your choice of actions regarding this person IS the communication.

These game mechanics are what make this game an awesome social experiment.  Thatgamecompany chose to leave out all typing communication and all forms of identification except for a custom symbol on the front of your robe so others can tell if they’ve played with you before.  This game brings on a whole new level of bonding between strangers all over the world.  The bonding begins in Spring of 2012


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