Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 23, 2011

Oblivion Texts Get Bound Into One Epic Tome

If you’ve played through Oblivion, you know just how many books are strewn across the land. Which means that the writers over at Bethesda put a lot of time into writing each and every one of them. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you took every single one of those texts, printed them out, and put them into one book? Reddit user notadoctoreither wondered that very thing, and did what any good DIY’er would do in his shoes. He printed out every page and bound them himself.

We’re not talking about standard printer paper with a cardboard binding. No, he went all-out with some high-quality paper, and leather binding. The total cost of the project was roughly $130, and roughly a month’s worth of work. Half of that time was spent getting the text formatted for printing. He’s saved you this time by offering up the formatted text, along with the fonts used. You can download them here.

Don’t bother emailing him and asking to buy one for yourself. He has no intention of making more, though he may do something similar when Skyrim comes out. If you’d like to learn how to do this yourself, you can check out this tutorial, which he cited as his reference for the project. Seriously, this is one beautiful piece of work. notadoctoreither, I salute you.




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  • Eli

    Holy shii
    that’s like the coolest collecter’s item i have EVAR seen!!
    All respect to notadoctoreither!!

  • http://www.4chan.org joeyy

    wow looks great
    you have to mass produce that shit
    it will sell!

  • http://www.oblivionfx.co.uk Derek Marsh

    DUDE!!! that is just a fantastic build!! are uyou selling them? that would be pride of place on my bookshelf!!! :D

  • Ezequiel


  • Aldermeer

    I read the headline on the TES Facebook and was like “Oh goodness, how much is my bank account going to be shot this week?”. I’m actually sadder now.

  • Pablo

    How Beautiful… T.T

  • SoundHyp

    This is beyond words. I might just have to see if I can figure out how to do this for myself as well.

  • tom

    In 1,000 years this will be a holy book that millions will have formed a religion from.

  • Karl Pilkington

    he’s done ok with the pages, but the binding looks terrible. could of made it look alot better.

  • Jesse G.

    OMG. Why do I want this on my bookshelf at home??

  • @jpcardin

    All I gotta say, coming from a profesionnal layout tech… Y U NO DO PDF? :)

    At least it’s in ODT format, but still… I had to say out loud, otherwise… Kudos!

  • http://lulu.com/seacastle Catherine

    I think I may have to make my own copy!

  • Kevin

    Hey does anyone know how to get the download to work? Every time I click the book files it just unzips and makes another one, plus all the images have blurry gray backgrounds and the fonts are cut in half! Please help

  • Josh

    The text in Morrowind is much better…
    great job though!

  • ThomaWaa

    By Azura! I WANT ONE!!!

  • Jonas

    He shld auction that book, some fans would pay good money for that….

  • http://thecomedybuffet.com DonB

    Absolutely loved this post, have downloaded the necessary files and will store this in one of my many nerd project folders. Thank you so much for your dedication.

  • Petra At Katama

    omg the download link is broken!! nooooooo!! CURSE YOU MEGAUPLOAD!!!

  • James Wroe

    Wow, that looks amazing.
    I know its a one of, but I really want one, may look at making something, but doubt it will be as good.

    Nice work :o)

  • yermom

    Yer mom

  • Gary

    Love this. I downloaded the link. OMG if I ever have the time. I’m going to try and make it.

  • Ohyeah

    Thats how people make their own bieber . .
    i mean bible, i dunno what will my friend said to that book if thet do not know it is only a fiction books with a deadric latter and necromancy graft

  • Selraith

    Where’s the screenshot for lusty argonian maid?

  • Valentine

    notadoctoreither, you are a god.

  • Desiree

    Oh, what I would’t give to have one of those myself >>

    Great Job!

  • chermont

    Awesome dude.
    Thanx a lot.

  • RicochetSaw

    My question is, how did he get the pages to print correctly? the file he uploaded isnt formatted for printing :(

  • Patty

    Thank you! I just downloaded this, and it looks beautiful. I really appreciate the time and effort that went into this project, and the act of sharing the end result.

  • Acerbus


  • http://bellesakurasaloon.frenchboard.com/ Nakia Rogue

    Wonderful. I would love to have a copy of that book. Thank you.

  • http://www.bblegend.deviantart.com Chris

    Dude! Do you have all the texts and images to this so I can make my own copy!? I bookbind myself and this would be a fantastic little project!!

  • jalla jalla

    Cmon Bethesda make one for sale so we can buy one !!!!!!!!

  • http://ashleighhenson.weebly.com/ Ashleigh Henson

    I wonder, did he say what page imposition he used? For those of us that would like to make this an addition to our personal libraries, it would be nice to know.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Mrdude42

    Thanks for posting the text! I’m gonna make one of these myself! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  • TheLastMeddler

    Now if he made a real Elder Scroll that would be amazing as well. Hopefully(idea)…. he will go with nordic material to make the next book. Maybe a follow up to Morrowind would be nice to the collection as well. BTW is the books found in Sheogarras World included in this book as well? I mean how do you know if you found EVERY single book in Oblivion lmao

  • Marcus

    It would be nice if there the resources for a project like this for the other Elder Scrolls games, like Morrowind (which is my favorite). It would fitting since the re-released the two original games and the next one is on its way.

  • Jake

    Holy shit. This will sell. Produce more and give it a trial. This will sell. $$$

  • @jpcardin

    Well I was looking for a new project to keep my layout skills fresh… I will take it upon me to make a printable PDF version of the oblivion book and once done will do the Morrowind one!

    Hopefully the artisan who worked on the first one can contact me at jp (dot) cardin (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Luckysneak

    Awsome work I proceeded to take his formated document and converted it to epub for use on all portable readers. Its now an Ebook folks

  • Hufdaddy

    I am impressed beyond words. If you are not insane I am even more impressed. Even if this were low quality work it would still be amazing, what a concept. To DIY is a bold move. I wuold have contracted out to the pros that have posted above, I am so lazy.

  • Louis

    Brilliant, I would definitely buy it.

  • Brandon

    I want one… an ambitious and commendable achievement.

    Too bad it’s A4 for us in Canada or US, and too bad it wasn’t done in InDesign.

    PDF in case it helps anyone:


  • Varlotto

    lol I would buy this

  • Michelle Mazanec

    I think my husband would kill me- because if I ever figured out how to do this or buy it I would in a moments time

  • ContortedChunk

    that man is an absolute legend, i wanna do that myself, it would be awesome to have that on your bookshelf

  • paulinepryz

    So I tried downloading the file but I can’t seem to do it. Everytime i click the link, the megaupload website pops up and when I click download it tells me to download the whole program (which I already did). How the hell do I get this to work?!

  • josh bestol

    That is truly awesome. I’ve always been big on collecting all the books I can in the games so I can read them. They give a lot of insight into the history and current events in the game and gives the game so much more depth and detail. I really like what you are doing, reading actual paper pages is so much easier on the eyes. They should publish all the books from all the games. Check out The Imperial Library online.

  • http://none Iinn

    I could pay 800bucks for that.

  • Jake

    REALLY!? lol, wow, never would have guessed.

  • Ben

    I’m making this as you’re reading this comic. So far it’s set me back about $50 with my student discount at the art store. I still need to put about $50 more into it for a nice leather cover and more paper. Not including the ink I need to buy for my printer >.<!

  • Greyfox

    I actually converted the book to a Kindle format using Calibre it looks great!

  • Dovahkiin :)


  • Jake

    Seriously. Look at everyone’s replys. You should make a few more and even give it a trial at the least. Couldn’t be more sure about this actually selling a lot of coppies.



  • TheTESfan

    Hey guys!
    Anybody made like an epub of all the books in oblivion.
    I would like to read them on my kindle!

  • Morothar


    the link is a megaupload link which obviously no longer works. Alternative?

  • Ashley

    Thanks to SOPA, Megaupload is no more. Please host the ebook file somewhere else for download. Thank you.

  • http://gamerfront.net Caitlyn Muncy

    @Ashley @Morothar
    This is what was sent to me from the guy who made the book.

    Hope this helps!


  • Kilocheat

    Hey guys,
    if someone reads this who still has the date from megaupload including the fonts please reupload it. Maybe to http://www.mediafire.com/ or somthing else.
    And great work