Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 14, 2011

The Old Republic Beta Testers To Have Access To The Game Again Soon

Earlier this week we informed you that the current phase of beta testing for The Old Republic had ended, and as such, the current group of testers were removed from the program. Now it seems that this isn’t exactly the case. Bioware recently addressed this with an email sent out to current testers.

Apparently the last email sent out to beta testers was not to inform them that they were no longer in the testing program. Rather, Bioware has been working hard on a new build of the game, and it was simply time to shut down the servers to prepare for the new rollout.

People in the program should keep an eye out for a new email letting them know that they can once again download the client and login. Yes, that does mean that you can delete your current installation, as you will have to re-download everything. We can only hope that when they open the servers back up, that they will also let in a fresh group of testers as well.

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