Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 12, 2011

The Old Republic Beta Testing Phase Comes To An End (For Now At Least)

If you’ve been lucky enough to get in on the beta for The Old Republic, I have some bad news for you. Your glory days of playing the game before your friends (and reminding them of it on a regular basis) has come to an end. Thanks to a reader tip, we have been informed that this phase of beta testing is over.

Bioware has sent out a round of emails to all of the current testers, to inform them that they will no longer have access to the game servers. This is curious, since they still apparently have plans to have future Beta Weekends throughout this month. Perhaps they are simply ready for a new batch of testers. Either way, that’s good news for those who didn’t get an invite to the last round.

Unfortunately with this round of testing coming to a close, there won’t be a flood of information hitting the internet. Bioware was quick to point out that everyone involved in the testing is still bound by the NDA they agreed to at the start. If you were a tester, do remember to be discreet about what you saw, lest the MMO gods frown upon your actions.

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