Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 2, 2011

World of Tanks Rolls Onto Store Shelves

Wargaming.net announced a little while ago that their hit shooter MMO World of Tanks would be hitting retail stores in no time. That time is now, and players can head out to their favorite brick and mortar sites to pick up their very own copy of the game. Just a few of the locales where it can be found are Walmart, GameStop, Frys, and Best Buy.

The retail version is currently priced at $19.99, and it includes some extras that the free version doesn’t have. For those who purchase the game, they will receive the T2 Light Tank, 1 week of a premium account, one million-fifty credits, and 1800 gold. Added all together, this is a $30 value, and players are immediately saving ten bucks.

World of Tanks is a pretty fun game, as we reviewed it not too long ago. This retail version of the game will give purchasers a leg-up on the rest of the crowd, as well as a taste of what holding a premium account is like. For 20 smackers, it’s a pretty good deal. If you’re looking for a new type of MMO to try, World of Tanks is worth it.

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