Posted by Chad Kilinski on Oct 31, 2011

Battlefield 3 Invincibility Glitch Discovered

DICE’s newest release is still very very young, but already very very vulnerable to people trying to cut corners any way they can.  Luckily, this recent glitch has been accidentally discovered by someone who does not want to release it to the public for the sake of the game.  This guy stumbled upon a glitch that makes him invulnerable to almost any attack and was able to successfully recreate the glitch in another game.

There’s no news of how this is done (and I wouldn’t include instructions in my writing anyways) and it will remain that way unless DICE fixes it.  He has contacted the game developer and let them in on the game’s threatening glitch, but he says if they fail to come up with a fix in a decent amount of time he will release the glitch to the public and force DICE to fix it.  I think that is the right decision by this guy and I commend him for it.

The glitch is pretty insane as you can see in the video below.  He says, “The only way you can die from this glitch is if you get shot by a shotgun, other than that you become immortal, you can survive any other type of bullet, explosive, and melee.  There will be no tutorial released to keep the game safe, however it has been reported to the developers, for a patch.”  Hopefully this is a one time fluke and nothing like this pops up in the future!


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