Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 7, 2011

Corsair Releases Carbide 500R Mid-Tower Case

When it comes to PC cases, gamers usually choose one of two options. Either they get something big and flashy that just screams “I’ve got the best hardware possible!”, or they get something simple and elegant, yet beefy that says “I’m sophisticated, yet powerful.” The new Corsair Carbide 500R would fall into the the latter group.

This new mid-tower case was designed to not only look good, but provide excellent cooling while doing so. You’ll find a giant 200mm fan located behind the black mesh on the side panel, and room for up to 8 other fans elsewhere in the case. That’s two on the top, two on the front, two on the hard drive cages, one on the back, and a surprising one on the bottom. This is definitely the first case I’ve encountered to utilize the area in front of the power supply for a fan.

Versatility is also one of the keys to the 500R. It features a pair of hard drive cages (each hold 3 3.5 or 2.5-inch drives), either of which can be removed to accommodate graphics cards up to 452mm in length. You’ll also be able to remove the top and rear fans to make room for one of Corsair’s liquid cooling systems. Other features include a pair of front USB 3.0 ports (these connect directly to the motherboard), thumb screws on the outside and tool-free drive installation and a multi-channel fan controller. The case is on sale now in your choice of black or white/black for $140.


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