Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 4, 2011

Meta Knight Banned From Smash Bros Competitive Play

To some gamers out there it’s surprising that there still exists competitive tournaments for Super Smash Bros. The Wii version of the game, Super Smash Bros Brawl, is still seeing competitive matches today, and they’re some of the most brutal around. Players in these tournaments will have something new to look forward to with the new year coming around the corner, and it’s quite significant. The ultimate nemesis to Kirby himself, Meta Knight, will be banned as of January 9th 2012 from all formal tournaments and play.

There are many reasons behind Meta Knight’s ban, though many players feel it’s doing the game justice. In a nutshell, Meta Knight’s speed and aerial skills, under the proper hand, can enable adept players to take the upper hand in competitive Smash Bros matches. These players can monopolize aerial and ledge combat, allowing for an unfair advantage during ranked matches.

Over time players have been discussing how exactly to handle Meta Knight’s abilies, and these debates have gone on for a while. Many rules and other measures were put into place until a final trial tournament was held, the end of which saw the character banned all together. A lot of players have offered positive feedback on the ban, ultimately sending Meta Knight to the black bowels of the under-played. Now the real competitions begin.


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