Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 3, 2011

New Bloody Roar Title Announced ‘In Production’ By Hudson

[UPDATE:] It has been revealed that the entire Twitter feed and update from Hudson Soft was, in fact, a fake. A supposed screenshot of the game was posted, which actually led to an image that informed us all that we were being trolled. Sorry, folks.

Though I’m not the biggest fan of fighting titles, one has followed me throughout the years, and I’ve always come back to it. A series of savage fighting titles appeared on the scene going by the name of Bloody Roar, and the series has seen many a title over the years. Though the game has seen a few sequels, it’s been a while since we’ve received one. According to Hudson Soft, though, we’ll be seeing a new Bloody Roar title sooner than we think.

On the developer’s Twitter page, they announced that a “new Bloody Roar sequel is in production.” The developer plans to post more details soon, and speculation has already started on what we’ll see with the new game. Hudson ended the tweet with the hashtags #BloodyRoar5 and #BloodyRoarProject2012, so there’s already some information to go on.

Bloody Roar introduced players to release the animal nature buried deep inside with the ability to change into a rampant beast in the middle of a fight. Each character has their own specific animal and strategy, which can make for more than interesting bouts between gamers. As soon as more information hits the surface about the new title, we’ll update accordingly.


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