Posted by Chad Kilinski on Oct 21, 2011

Playstation 3 Hacked Again, Named Jailbreak 2

More and more sources are coming out of the woodwork reporting that the hacking frenzy against Sony and the Playstation 3 isn’t over. As of today, it was announced that Playstation 3 had been hacked in a new form of the old PSJailbreak. This new hack has been given the name Jailbreak 2 or “JB2”.

Like the first Playstation jailbreak hack, this hack utilizes a USB dongle placed in the USB slot on the front of the PS3 in order to compromise the machine on start-up. Before the PS3 dashboard shows up, a list of options pop up only available for develops on their consoles. These options allow the user to manipulate the console and install code.

Older hacks against the Playstation 3 installed games directly to the hard drive, but Sony has fixed this in their extensive fight against piracy. This means that burnt Blu-ray discs are used with this hack.
A game is installed on the disc and the machine recognizes it as a legitimate game disc.

This new jailbreak is no good news for Sony. These hackers could make serious bank off of this and create a black market for Playstation 3 games. It looks like Sony is back to the drawing board to prevent this one from continuing. I think this will be the hardest to overcome. Maybe this will be the final straw that encourages Sony to move the PS4 release ahead a couple of months. If the whole thing is real, that is.


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