Posted by Chad Kilinski on Oct 6, 2011

Sony Releases Powerful “Long Live Play” Commercial

After being let down recently with the news of online passes being required by Sony to play their online games, they brought me right back up.  Sony has just released the coolest, most goosebump-enducing commercial ever!  I for one found their TV marketing campaign kind of warn out over the years, but this seems like a totally revamped marketing scheme on their part.  Check out the commercial below to judge for yourself:

The way they realistically portrayed each character was really well done.  All of these guys couldn’t have reached their goals without us gamers, and that deserves a ‘cheers’.  Thanks for making me feel all special and stuff, Sony.

I hope this kind of marketing continues and we stray away from the Kevin Butler ads.  I do admit they were funny to begin with, but they seemed to be monotonous.  Keep up the good work Sony, but rethink the online passes please!

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