Posted by Chad Kilinski on Oct 12, 2011

Sony Toys With Idea of Backwards Compatibility For PS Vita

The upcoming release of the Sony PlayStation Vita handheld  gaming system has been the basis of tons of hype, and rightfully so.  From the reviews and pictures that have been released, this system seems to be revolutionary in many aspects but one aspect of the system appeared to be behind the times.  In the past, Sony hadn’t released any plan for backwards compatibility when it comes to older PSP games.  In the last few days, though, Sony has released a bit of news that will make any previous owner of a Sony PSP pretty happy.  They have announced that they’re currently flirting with multiple ideas of backwards compatibility concerning older owned PSP games.

Since Sony hasn’t included a Universal Media Drive (UMD) with the PlayStation Vita, previously owned PSP games won’t be playable on the Vita, but they’re looking for ways around that.  My guess would be that Sony will let you download your older games from the PlayStation store for a special price or even free.  Nothing is set in stone yet, but ideas are still swirling around in the Sony headquarters.

I definitely think that they need to support backwards compatibility when it comes to the Vita.  There are some better ideas and some worse ideas.  If they choose to put pre-owned games on PlayStation store, I hope they are free and previous owners don’t have to ‘re-purchase’ the games.


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