Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 12, 2011

Sony’s PSN Was Hacked Again, 93,000 Accounts Affected

Remember those issues that Sony had earlier in the year? You know, the ones where the PSN got hacked? And remember how after weeks of not being able to connect to the network, they assured us that security had been beefed up, and that your personal data would be safe in the future? You do? Good. Because they were wrong.

Sony’s Information Security Officer Philip Reitinger announced that a security breach had been detected, and that only 0.1% of accounts were affected. Now while that doesn’t sound so bad, that adds up to roughly 93,000 accounts. That breaks down to around 60,000 PSN/SEN and 33,000 SOE accounts.

The good news is that if you were one of the affected accounts, your credit card information was not compromised. Also, the accounts appear to have been locked shortly after the intrusion, so very little damage could have been done. For those that did have unauthorized purchases made, Sony will be crediting your account accordingly. Be on the lookout for an email that will let you know if your account was compromised, and how to get it back online.

I have to say that I’m happy that Sony is being so up-front about things this time, and appear to have been much quicker to respond. I suppose they were scolded enough the last time around that they know better than to keep us in the dark. If you want to read the full statement from Sony, you can find it here.


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