Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 28, 2011

The Dark Meadow Gets A Price Cut And Update For Halloween

Every so often an iOS game comes along that is so amazing, it’s scary. That’s even more set in with Dark Meadow, a survival horror title for the iOS that takes mobile gaming to a new level. With the spirit of Halloween in the air, Phosphor Games is in the spirit of giving.

Dark Meadow has received a substantial update, and a price drop. From now until October 31st, players can pick up the FPS for just $2.99, which is a steal. With the update, here’s what’s been tinkered with:

  • Optimized for iPhone 4S;
  • Lowered creature spawning rate to allow for exploration of the decayed beauty and gripping story of Montclair Hospital;
  • Removed the “Combat Summary Screen” to improve pacing;
  • Increased the player “Level Cap” from 40 to 50;
  • Added “Save Slots” under “Options” for different playthroughs;
  • Added “New Game +” after you complete the game, you can play again with increased difficulty;
  • Addressed key bugs and crashes.

If you haven’t picked up this game yet, shame on you. Check below to see some footage of the game in action, then go pick it up. A Halloween deal on a game this awesome makes even the most cold of ghosts crack a smile.


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