Posted by Chad Kilinski on Oct 21, 2011

Xbox 360 Owners Should Install Battlefield 3 Onto Their Consoles For Better Graphics

Installing games onto the hard drive of an Xbox 360 is a choice for owners of the system.  Installing the data reduces the load times and eliminates noises from the disc drive, but it takes up precious space needed by the user.  Playstation 3 users don’t have an option when it comes to their mandatory installations, so this article shouldn’t affect PS3 owners.

DICE has recently stated that installing the game data onto the hard drive of the Xbox 360 drastically changes the game graphics.  It’s time to make some tough choices about your disk space, but I highly recommend making some room for Mr. Fatty, AKA Battlefield 3.  If you choose not to install it onto your drive, DICE says you’ll be playing the “Standard-Def” version of the game.  Who’s silly enough to want that?

This news doesn’t mean Xbox 360 users are getting anything extra, it just means that they have a choice to get what PS3 and PC users have been getting all along.  Since PC and PS3 systems run games from the hard drive, they’ve both been getting “High-Def” graphics for some time now.  The only reason it isn’t mandatory for the Xbox 360 is because some people own systems that don’t have a hard drive.  This forced DICE to allow a choice for the user.  Long story short, if you own an Xbox 360 with a hard drive, hit YES when asked to install Battlefield 3.  If you don’t have space, delete some of the old crap!


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