Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 2, 2011

New Resident Evil DS Title Is So Epic, It Deserves Its High Price Tag Says Capcom

Fans of Nintendo’s 3DS handheld device know that each of the titles released for it runs a certain price. Of all the new titles on the list to launch for the system, there’s one that sticks out of the normal price bracket. That game would be Resident Evil Revelations. It is set at a $50 price and Capcom is standing behind the jump.

Most titles that roll off the shelves run about $40 total, and this is definitely breaking the mold.  In a statement to Kotaku, Capcom said, “Resident Evil Revelations is an all new Resident Evil title with over 20 hours of gameplay, and cutscenes beautifully rendered in fear-inducing 3D. A true console experience on a handheld device, Resident Evil Revelations is an epic title that offers both a single-player campaign for that classic survival horror gaming experience, and an additional RAID mode that can be played cooperatively or single player. To handle all of that data Resident Evil Revelations requires a 4GB cartridge, resulting in a higher price point.”

In a nutshell, that’s Capcom’s stand on the increase. Basically you’re paying more for more content, which is what most players end up doing anyway. It looks like Capcom wants to provide handheld gamers with a console experience, as to provide an authentic Resident Evil feel. I guess you get what you pay for, right?


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