Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 1, 2011

Sony Releasing Their Version Of Super Smash Bros [Rumor]

Folks over at Paul Gale Network have word in that Sony is planning a big game reveal, but we only know one thing about the game. We don’t know the name of the game, the publisher, or the developer and we don’t have pictures, video, a percent complete, or release date. Sony’s big new item is: Its equivalent of Super Smash Bros! Don’t be all to confident though, because this is just a rumor.

We don’t have many details about this game but the ones we are almost sure of is that the game will be played on a 2D plane like all of the other Super Smash Bros, the style of play is about the same as the other Smash Bros, the game will include maps from other Playstation games, and we have some word on a few possible characters. A couple of the current possible characters are: Kratos, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Fat Princess, Parappa, Sweet Tooth, and Rico from Killzone. Also we know that tons of cool objects ranging from various Playstation games will spawn on the level to make things more interesting.

The levels are rumored to be very large and very colorful. I’m sure anyone who’s enjoyed playing Super Smash Bros in the past will love this new-age rendition of the series. I forgot to mention above that JAMES BOND is also a possible character.


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