Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 21, 2011

Tekken On Playstation Vita Info Leaked Including Pics [Rumor]

Some new images of Tekken have made their way to the internet as of late. The source is not reliable, so don’t put all of your trust in this, but some of this information is pretty juicy and interesting. The new game is called Tekken Tag Tournament 2 judging by the photo of the cover art.

One can pull a lot more information out of the second image. It shows the character select screen from the new game. If you look closely you will notice Jun, Kazuya, and one other player to the right of Kazuya. This is the tag feature of the game which operates like a tag team.

The next thing to spot when looking at the picture is where it says “Would you like to enable NEAR?”. This confirms 3G connectivity to play with your friends. NEAR is an App for the Playstation Vita.


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