Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 17, 2011

Xbox Error Gives Member Four Billion Microsoft Points

Some awesomely lucky Xbox Live subscriber found a HUGE gift sitting in their Xbox Live dashboard a couple of days ago. Microsoft initially gave the user a few more points than they were supposed to receive. The user spent these points as fast as humanly possible so that Microsoft wouldn’t notice the mistake. Microsoft still noticed their mistake and took the points back, putting the user at a negative point balance. This is what sparked the massive error giving the user tons of points.

The amount of points credited to the user’s account was 4294967136, so over 4 billion. His original investment was $5 dollars but the points he received totaled $53,6887,089.20. Not bad… not bad at all.

Microsoft soon took these points back, but think about what would have happened if he had spent them all before Microsoft could take action. Even if he only spent a chunk of them, Microsoft would have put his balance in the negative once again when they retracted the points. Round and round we would go.


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