Posted by Chad Kilinski on Dec 2, 2011

DICE Acknowledges PlayStation 3 VOIP Problems For Battlefield 3 – Promises Fix


One of the biggest problems that Battlefield 3 players on the PlayStation 3 are having are voice chat bugs. Look at any Battlefield 3 forum or community site and you’ll see scattered comments and posts about this recent plague. Players are reporting cellphone-like call drops when talking to their friends with the occasional static and inability to talk.

DICE is getting a lot of hate mail regarding the way they’ve handled the problems as of late. A patch just recently rolled out that didn’t even acknowledge the problem as well as created other problems. PS3 players are reporting that since the last patch they are having problems with the game not loading properly. DICE’s only suggestion is to talk to the EA Help Center.

DICE acknowledged the community and said, “We apologize for lateness for the fix and are aware of the inconveniences with the VOIP on PS3. We are working hard to address this concern.” There will hopefully soon be a fix to the VOIP problems but there’s no word on the newest problems.  After all, Battlefield 3 isn’t the same without communication.


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