Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 28, 2011

Net Loot: When Skyrim Meets Minecraft – Clash of the Titans

Now, if you’re a fan of either The Elder Scrolls series or Minecraft, then you’ll no doubt have heard about the lawsuit between both game’s development company. Bethesda went up against Mojang in a court battle over the name of Mojang’s newest game, Scrolls. Of course, that’s a different story than what we’re here to present.

The suit plays a purpose in this one, however. Let’s pretend that the lawsuit never took place. Let’s imagine that Bethesda and Mojang instead came together in a collaboration. What would the lovechild of these two companies be? According to Machinima, we would get The Endermen Scrolls V: Minerim.

The video below is the Skyrim trailer all Minecrafted up to look pretty. Honestly, it seemed to exceed a lot of people’s expectations, including mine. Seeing the “FUS RO DAH” in 8-bit glory just took the video to a knew level. You have to see this for yourself, so check it out below.


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