Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 2, 2012

60beat GamePad Plugs Into Any iOS Sound Jack

Any and every console player who owns an iOS device will often get games for their iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. The only problem that we face is the difficulty of switching from a controller to an awkward, thin, glass surface that has no real button definition other than visually on the screen. Not only will this cramp your hands if it’s all you have to play for a few hours, but you also have to cover up part of the screen to hit buttons. This can inhibit you from seeing oncoming obstacles in the midst of playing, which will frustrate anyone.

These reasons, among others are why the 60beat GamePad looks so awesome. Not only does it give you the comfort you know and love from a regular controller, it’s also plug-and-play, and means you’ll never have to cover the screen with your thumbs again. The controller looks like the love child of an Xbox and PlayStation controller as it has the bumpers, D-pad, and analog sticks, but the only real difference is having buttons labeled 1-4 instead of shapes or letters. The real icing on the cake is that this thing plugs into your iOS sound jack, and has no need for batteries.

Is it worth the $49.99 price tag it carries? I have no idea. Not needing batteries is pretty awesome, but that does mean more power from your device being drained, so having a charging station nearby may be a necessity. However, the plug-and-play factor is still pretty sweet, and having almost zero latency makes it a pretty tempting accessory.


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