Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 24, 2012

Blizzard’s Next MMO, Titan, May Contain In-Game Ads

According to a recent job posting on Blizzard Entertainment’s website, they might be looking to place in-game advertising into their next big MMO, currently known as Titan. In the job posting, they said that the potential employee must “(w)ork with major consumer brands to facilitate product placement and licensing within the world of Blizzard Entertainment’s next-gen MMO that enhances the gameplay experience.”

Titan is a project that Blizzard has kept under wraps since at least 2007. Very few details are known about it, although it was made known by CEO Mike Morhaime in a 2008 interview with Wired magazine that it would not be a sequel to any current Blizzard games.

If Blizzard is looking to add in-game ads to Titan, it might shed some light on what kind of a game that it is. Since it would be off-putting to see an ad for Doritos or Mountain Dew in a world like Azeroth, this might indicate that Titan may be in a more modern day setting. Of course, it’s possible that when Titan is released, it might not have any ads in it. This could just be Blizzard covering all their bases and seeing what may or may not work.


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