Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 20, 2012

Check Out This Interactive Skyrim Map


The land of Skyrim is huge. It can take a vast amount of time to explore it all, and find every little landmark. Even if you try to put all of these places on a map, it quickly becomes a cluttered mess that’s hardly helpful at all. However, someone has put together a nice interactive map that lets you decide exactly what is shown.

With 30 different types of markers to choose from, you can quickly figure out where every giant camp and Dragonlair is in the land. You can also zoom in and out, as well as drag the map on the screen. That’s the beauty of being powered by Google Maps.

My only real complaint is that the map almost feels cramped. It looks like it was designed to be viewed on monitors with smaller resolutions, which is best for compatibility. Regardless of that small annoyance, it’s a really nice tool.


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