Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 5, 2012

MLG Drops Their Domains Due To GoDaddy’s Support Of SOPA

It’s no secret that GoDaddy, one of the leading names in domain sales, is among those listed as official supporters of the Stop Online Piracy Act. Because of this little piece of news, many sites who have had their domains with GoDaddy immediately made the move to switch them to another hosting site. The Major League Gaming company is no different, and they’ve made sure to remove all of their domains from GoDaddy as well.

In an official statement, MLG had this to say:

MLG would like to officially announce that we have removed our entire network, which encompasses over 100 domains, from GoDaddy.com in response to their support of SOPA. Moving forward, we will be using Namecheap for all of our hosting needs.

MLG is firmly against both the specifics of SOPA and the philosophy behind the bill. We urge all of you to read up on the issue  and draw your own conclusions.

The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, is a bill that’s in review by the government that, if passed, will change the internet as we know it. Anything that could potentially be copyrighted material will instantly taken down, and whoever posted the material can be sued or worse. There have been a lot of companies on board for the SOPA support, including Sony, but it’s good to see that there’s some out there who are taking the right stand. The competitive gaming league can continue, and move forward into the new year. Let’s hope this SOPA gets squashed while we have the chance.


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