Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 13, 2012

Namco Responds To Dark Souls PC Petition

Earlier this week we touched on a story in which players all over the globe are signing a petition to get Dark Souls ported on over to the PC. At the time of the piece, the petition had over 38,000 signatures, and now it’s got over 63,000. That’s quite a lot of support, and Namco’s attention has been roped.

Tony Shoupinou, who is the same Namco staff member who proposed the petition in the first place, posted again in his thread that the company higher ups are taking notice to what the community is doing:

“Damn you are amazing! I honestly wasn’t expecting such a massive support. My boss(es) even came to talk to me about this, after it explodes all around the world. If you wanted to have the attention of Namco Bandai Games, now you have it. The future is in your hands, and I hope you will keep supporting this. I make a personal objective to make sure every relevant people in Namco Bandai Games is in touch with this formidable effort. Great Thanks.”

Later on in the thread Shoupinou lets it be known that the port isn’t guaranteed, but he commends the community on a job well done:

“I can’t say it’s going to happen (I wish I had this power), but I can assure management of the company will know about it, and I think that already a good achievement and a good step forward.”

It’s good to see hard work paying off. Dark Souls is a great game, and I think it would be unbelievable on PC. I can imagine some of the great mods that would come for the game, and make the experience even more amazing. I hope that Namco gets fully behind the movement, and everyone is helping. Keep up the good work people.


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