Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 25, 2012

Net Loot: A Wild Handcrafted Skyrim Replica Dagger Appears

“I will speak daggers to her, but  use none.” Shakespeare really knew how to drive the power of a line home, using a blade as a pivotal point of the story. In the gaming world, daggers are favored weapons of rogues, warlocks, and even some mages – at least in the more medieval realm. In Skyrim this is no different, and we have here a replica dagger right from inside the game.

Bill Doran from PunishedProps has yet again worked his magic and created this sweet replica dagger using his own blood, sweat, and happy tears. The replica is made of PVC, so it’s not actually lethal. Well, I guess you could beat someone with it if you were angry enough. But hey, we’re all lovers here, right?

If you’ve played through Skyrim, you’ll see that this is an exact replica of Mehrune’s Razor, which is a Daedric artifact. The build looks great, and it looks especially deadly. You can see more on how it was created along with more photos on the PunishedProps page. Definitely go grab a look, for all we know it will help level your blacksmithing.



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