Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 11, 2012

Razer Announces Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Concept

Over the last year, Razer has been toying with the idea of moving past offering PC gaming peripherals such as mice and keyboards to full-blown computers. This started with the Blade, which was pegged as “The World’s First true Gaming Laptop.” Well now the company has moved on from laptops to tablets.

Unveiled at CES, the Fiona Concept Tablet promises “hardcore gaming on the go.” In its conceptual state, we’re looking at a tablet powered by a Core i7 processor with a 10.” screen running at 1280 x 800 and Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Impressive specs for a mere tablet. There is no mention of a dedicated graphics chip, so one can only assume that it is using the built-in Intel HD Graphics.

What’s really interesting is that the device is something of a hybrid. We can plainly see the two grips, which feature four buttons, an analog stick, bumper, and trigger each. This gives you the feel of a portable gaming console. However, you can plug in an adapter, which allows you to use a keyboard and mouse, just like a PC.

The biggest question here is just who the audience is. I think the fact that you’ll be able to hook up a standard keyboard and mouse will make it considerably more versatile than many other tablets out there. Also, this is the first truly portable PC gaming device. Sure, it’s bigger than a PSP or 3DS, but it’s still something you can toss in a backpack and bust out just about anywhere. My two biggest concerns are the price, and those handles on the side. Right now, there is no announced price, so I can’t really say much on that. I would say that it’s pretty safe to assume that it will be priced more like a laptop then a tablet. However, if those handles aren’t easily detachable, I think that could be the biggest issue. They add a considerable amount of bulk, and limit the usefulness of the device as a tablet. I’m excited to see where they take this concept.


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