Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 6, 2012

Rift Mobile App Beta For iOS and Android

If you are an avid player of Rift, then chances are you want to spend every waking moment integrating yourself into some aspect of the game. While we know that there are responsibilities outside of the gaming world, it doesn’t mean we can’t have it with us when we’re on the go.

The beta version of the Trion Worlds Rift mobile app is currently available for download for iOS devices through the app store. It will be available for Android users too, but they’ll have to wait until later this month to get their hands on it.

The full version will have its launch sometime during Q1, and will allow you to use the real-time chat, and give zone event alerts so you don’t miss anything while you’re out and about. Not to mention this app carries some fun games like Planar Invasion, Crafty Critters, and Shinies that will give you in-game loot, crafting materials, and artifacts. It’s a free app, so maybe it’s worth a download?


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