Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 3, 2012

Shadow of a Soul, A New Look At Survival Horror

An independent studio by the name of Vivec Entertainment is hard at work to bring players’ nightmares to life. The studio is currently working on a first-person survival horror title that they’ve titled Shadow of a Soul, and it borders along the same creepy lines as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Those who know of the nature of survival horror titles will be in for much more than a treat when this game has finished development.

Shadow of a Soul is a whole game spread over three chapters in a planned trilogy. The first chapter of the game is set to release on October 24th, 2012 according to the game’s first official trailer. Now while the game is still being worked on, comparing it to Amnesia may be a sort of stretch, but stick with me on it. While Amnesia is no doubt the highest nightmare-inducing game on any survival horror shelf, Shadow of a Soul looks like it will claim a spot on that very shelf of its own.

Ferzan Kanat Aygen is the man behind the cloth at Vivec Entertainment, and he offered up some of his thoughts about the game and its development. He says that the full game will last around 12-16 hours, and he’s been working on it for over a year. When it comes to his personal thoughts behind the game, he stated, “For me, Shadow of a Soul is all about creating the creepiest, and most shocking gaming experience. The goal of Chapter 1 is to dig the foundations for the following two chapters while telling a satisfying story in its own right.”

He describes the first chapter in the game in detail, as such:

“Chapter 1’s story revolves around a thief named Jack who is on an industrial espionage mission to steal blueprints of a new product. However, as he makes his way into the office complex he discovers that not everything about this place is what it appears to be. As unnatural sounds and horrifying visions begins to unravel before his eyes, Jack begins to have an unnerving feeling that he has become the target of malignant presence and he isn’t allowed to leave…just yet. Jack’s terrifying journey will lead him to mysterious encounters that will leave their marks on his mind as well as his flesh.”

Check out the game’s trailer below, and if it interests you, it can be pre-ordered right now on Aygen’s site for $15.99. Pre-ordering saves you 20% off the original price, which isn’t bad. The game is set to release later this year for both the PC and Mac, with a PS3 version coming in 2013. I’m looking forward to getting my skin scared right off of my body, and from what I see in the trailer I won’t be disappointed. Neither will you.


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