Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 5, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic Dancing Bug Fixed In Recent Patch

Well, it seems as though the patch a select few were hoping would never show for Star Wars: The Old Republic has finally come. You can no longer use dancing to evade enemy attacks. In the community news on the forums, we were given a heads up that this patch would be coming within the week, and now we have seen their promise come to fruition.

This patch was dubbed 1.0.2b, and only fixed the “/getdown glitch” and an issue that caused a few players to lose access to the in-game chat channels. The 1.0.2 patch addressed everything else so the added “b” wasn’t a huge change to much of anything on top of those two problems.

Of course the people who were exploiting this are a bit bummed to see it go. But hey, it wasn’t supposed to be that way in the first place, so cherish the time you had with it. (Or something like that.) In the real world, it doesn’t make sense to get out of a fight by dancing, unless it’s a dance-off.


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