Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 17, 2012

Steampunk Batman Game: Why Hasn’t This Happened?

Back in February of 1989, there was a DC comics one-shot of an Elseworlds (alternate world with a known superhero) story called Gotham by Gaslight. Seeing that steampunk is a sort of melding of Victorian alternate history and sci-fy, this comic certainly fit the bill.

It is from this comic book that artist Julie Farrell drew her inspiration for some concept art for an Xbox game. It was for a pitch that Day 1 Studios was hoping would impress THQ about two years ago, but sadly didn’t make enough of an impression.

Seeing as we’re not ever going to get the game, we can at least drool over some images of what this amazing game would’ve been like. The pictures feature control diagrams, showing that there would have been grenades, and shooter aspects. Maybe if we make enough of a fuss, this game will show up in the future?


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