Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 24, 2012

BioWare Discusses ME3 DLC Leak

As we mentioned earlier this week, the first bit of DLC for Mass Effect 3 was accidentally leaked out on Microsoft’s Xbox Marketplace. The DLC is intended to be released on March 6th, the same day that the game will be released. Please note that this post does contain spoilers for the DLC, and possibly the game as a whole.

Michael Gamble of BioWare created a post on their message board clarifying the reason for the day one DLC. He states “’From Ashes’ includes the Prothean squad mate, an adventure on Eden Prime, a new weapon, and an alternate appearance for every squad mate. Note that these alternate appearances are in addition to the ones already advertised in the CE.” Mr. Gamble also goes on to say that “ (t)he Collectors Edition has been advertised from the beginning as containing a bonus character/mission, but we were not at liberty to provide the details. The Prothean is optional content that is certainly designed to appeal to long-time fans, which is why he is part of the CE offering (the version many fans would be likely to purchase). Mass Effect 3 is a complete – and a huge game – right out of the box.”

Mr. Gamble then goes on to say that that the DLC was developed by a separate team after the core game was finished, and that the main game was already in the middle of certification by the time it was completed. Many people have been up in arms about the DLC, claiming that BioWare and EA are intentionally leaving content out of the game in order to make a buck. But, I would argue that if they wanted to use this DLC to make a buck, then they’d make it so that the Collector’s Edition people wouldn’t get it for free. After all, if they’re paying for the Collector’s Edition, then what’s another ten bucks for the game to them? Gamers are claiming that the content is already in the files, and that they’ll have to pay for the DLC just to unlock them. They use sound files of the Prothean speaking as their facts to support this claim. I have to ask those people, though, is the full Prothean model in the files? Because if it’s just the sound files, then I would say that those lines might not come from the Prothean squad mate at all, and it’s possible that it might be from some regular game content. I guess we will find out whenever ME3 hits store shelves on March 6th!


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