Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Feb 10, 2012

DoubleFine KickStarter Over-Exceeds Expectations

Just the other day, DoubleFine announced that it wanted to go back to its roots of adventure games. There are so many adventure games out there already though, that finding a publisher was going to be somewhat annoying. Seeing as they wanted to cut out the middleman, they instead turned to KickStarter.

There needed to be a rather large amount of funding, pegged at a $400,000 goal for their new game. Although, only 75% of it would be going towards the actual game, as they also wanted to provide backers a documentary on the process of making a game. This would be in conjunction with the lovely 2 Player Productions, who made the hilarious video for their KickStarter page. At this point, it has over 3,500 backers with a total that is approaching three times their original goal.

Needless to say, having over a million dollars means more than one adventure game, and the more money they get, the more games we shall receive. (hopefully) There are also talks between Minecraft creator Notch and Tim Schafer of DoubleFine about the possibility of Psychonauts 2. There are no definite answers yet, but this is exciting news indeed.

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