Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 20, 2012

GoldenEye Fan Video Reminds Us Just How Annoying Natalya Was

Ask anyone that grew up playing games in the 90’s what their favorite shooter from that decade was. There’s a good chance that you’ll hear GoldenEye. Yes, Doom and Quake were great, and Duke Nukem was still a franchise to be loved, but there was something special about this James Bond title. Was it the split-screen 4-player shootouts? Was it paintball or DK mode? Well I’ll tell you what didn’t make this game enjoyable. That bitch Natalya.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against her character from the movie. However, her AI in the game left a lot to be desired. I can’t remember how many times she died by one of my bullets, or simply because she walked when she should have stood still, or stood still when she should have walked. My god, I think she might have been the inspiration behind Lydia.

YouTube user Warialasky recently uploaded a video which portrays a fan-made mod for the classic N64 shooter. It’s clearly not a mod, but it does a great job at showing just how frustrating the Natalya escort mission was. Almost makes me want to load up the game, just so I can vent my frustrations one more time.


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