Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Feb 9, 2012

Player Releases Unofficial Skyrim Patch

If you’ve been having some troubles with Skyrim, then you were likely overjoyed to hear about the 1.4 patch. This happened for PC players last week, and while it did fix a lot of issues, it may not have fixed everything that you wanted it to. Thanks to the creation kit that just came out, an unofficial user-made patch has been created that might have the fixes you’re looking for.

He goes by the name of Kivan, and through a joint effort with other creators, he has sought out to fix the huge amount of bugs that currently exist in Skyrim. The first patch, which is a work in progress, released yesterday, and it looks as though he is a force not to be trifled with. There are quest, NPC, Item, Game mechanics fixes and more.

For a full list of what this patch can do for you, go here. He has put a call out asking for any reports of bugs so that they can be dealt with. This is just the beginning of the user created content that is going to start pouring forth from the creation kit, and I am quite possibly more excited than I should be.

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