Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 20, 2012

Razer Announces Mass Effect 3 Line

Mass Effect 3 is mere weeks away from launching, which means in no time you’ll be sending Commander Shepard on one last mission on the Normandy. This time, Razer wants to make sure that you’ll be doing it in style. That’s why they’ve announced the launch of seven ME3-themed items.

To make you feel more like Shepard while playing, there are seven new N7-branded products for you to use. These are the Imperator, Black Widow, Vespula, Chimaera, and Onza. They are also releasing a messenger bag and iPhone 4/4S case which pays homage to our favorite hero. These are all currently available for pre-order (except for the bag and iPhone case), and will be shipping March 6th.

When you order any of the Mass Effect 3 products, you’ll also be given a redeemable code, which will give you access to Reinforcement Packs. This includes either the Collector Assault Rifle, or if you’ve already got one, you will get an upgrade for this weapon. Each item you purchase will come with a code, so the more you buy, the more gear you will get.


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