Posted by Angela Venado on Feb 17, 2012

Two-Player QWOP: Now Available For All Your Silly Walk Needs

Physical humor is the tried-and-true staple of comedy, but generally game developers attempt to reduce the clumsiness of their subjects to create a smoother, more realistic experience for the average gamer. While grace has its virtues, there is something utterly delightful about flailing your character around like some sort of psychopathic four-limbed octopus. On that note, the beloved belly-flopping game of the Internet, QWOP, has come out with a two player version!  It’s quite simply called 2QWOP.

Competition against oneself can only go so far, and even QWOP’s gloriously difficult gameplay can get boring.  The sadistic geniuses over at foddy.net have found a solution in letting you race against your fellow floppers! It seems that the two players have to be on the same physical computer, but you can either play on the same keyboard (which while cramped, is highly amusing) or connect a second keyboard for more room.

We at the Gamerfront headquarters had way, way too much fun with this game.  There weren’t very many effective strategies for moving forward, and eventually we decided a sort of lunge/crouch type movement was most effective for making headway while not breaking our necks.  Eventually you can actually cross your partner (very strange sort of track they have set up here…) and watch your runners flail together on screen. It’s actually a bit sad when they’re right next to each other and one cracks his spine in half because of a misplaced calf.  Am I getting sentimental?

Anyways, this is a seriously amusing game to play with a partner, and we hope to welcome you to the Ministry of Silly QWOPs. You’ll get your membership card after you pass the seven meter mark.

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