Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 26, 2012

Angry Birds…In Seattle?

Well, it seems as though Angry birds Space has had a successful beginning, what with being downloaded about 10 million times in the first three days. There were sixty new levels to toss around some perturbed birds in, but players have already begun begging for more. If you’re wanting to jump on this bandwagon, it will cost you anywhere from $0.99 for iOS to about $6 for the Windows PC adless version.

We have seen a lot of crazy things erected in honor of Angry Birds, but this one might just take the prize. The Seattle Space Needle now has a very angry bird in a slingshot aimed towards the sky. This is obviously for the new Space game, but the real question is…does it really work?

Of course not. However, it does sort of make you wonder what they’re going to do with it after they take it down. Is it going to end up in someone’s back yard, looking menacingly at the neighbors?




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