Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 5, 2012

Journey Developer Diary

The release date for Journey is approaching faster and faster, and anticipation is only growing. This game is going to be more than just game mechanics and shooting things. It will have meaning on a completely different level.

This is the hopes of thatgamecompany anyway. We know that there is going to be little in the way of verbal communication, and no definition of age, gender, or religion, which makes this game a world of its own. We got a look at the trophies to expect from the game, but now we get to see what the developers have to say about the game, and what they expect to come of it.

I was definitely glad to see that people are wanting games to be something more than just fighting, but I do wonder how it’s going to affect its players. From the video below, we know that the devs are wanting the game to have a global impact, diversifying the thought of those who play. On March 13th, we will find out if they have achieved this goal or not.

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