Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 19, 2012

Lone Survivor Is Coming Soon

Can you imagine what life would be like if you were the last person alive? Would you go insane? Would you try to venture out into the world? These are all questions that you can find answers to in the 2D action survival game Lone Survivor.

While it may not be exactly the same scenario, it will give you some insight to what the situation might be like. You would be playing as the last human survivor in your town, which is filled with monsters. You scavenge for food and other necessities, trying to keep your sanity in check all the while.

Through the game, you will find different medications your can experiment with. They may be helpful, but they also might just give you some terrible hallucinations. This will be available for Windows and Mac on March 27th, costing only $10.


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