Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 21, 2012

Ninja Gaiden III Has Online Pass Problems

Some of you picked up Ninja Gaiden III last night, and might have noticed a bit of a problem. You’re Online Pass isn’t working, and you don’t know why. Well, don’t worry, for you are not the only one with this problem. The developer, Team Ninja, recently confirmed that there is a problem, and that they are working to fix it as soon as possible.

Game Informer’s Dan Ryckert was able to purchase an Online Pass through presumably the Xbox Live’s Marketplace and get the Online Pass to work, so it’s obvious that there’s a problem with the printed codes. Hopefully, for those people who bought the game, they won’t have to resort to purchasing another pass!

Most likely, they’ll either get the codes validated here in the near future, or worst case scenario, they’ll just ask people to send in proof that they bought the game, and they’ll send out new codes. Either way, this snafu just gives people more ammunition to hate on the Online Pass system. If an Online Pass wasn’t required, then we wouldn’t be seeing this kind of a problem as everybody could just log into multiplayer anyway. Granted, if Dan Ryckert’s tweet has anything to say about the whole situation, the online multiplayer might not even be worth it in the first place.


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