Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 20, 2012

Portal Gun Replica Is Not Canceled After All!

Last week, we had our hopes and dreams stomped on when the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, better known as NECA, told us that the portal gun replicas were being shelved indefinitely. Needless to say, this riled a lot of gamers who were drooling with anticipation. It seems as though the “issues”, whatever they may have been, have been fixed.

ThinkGeek has posted a listing for a “Limited Edition Portal Gun Replica” that will be due out this Spring. The estimated date is on May 18th, which will give you a little bit of time to set your funds in order. Seeing as the words “limited edition” are in there, it’s safe to say that there is only going to be a certain amount of these made.

Priced at $139.99, it’s likely going to be something that sells like hotcakes as it is expensive, but still within a somewhat affordable range if you know how to save up some money. They do have an “email me” button that will notify you as soon as the product goes live, so I would hit that up immediately. This 1:1 replica will be an excellent as part of a cosplay, a decorative mantle piece, or for running around and pretending you’re walking through walls.


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