Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Mar 7, 2012

Roccat Power-Grid Turns Your SmartPhone Into The Ultimate Gaming Accessory

When you sit down at your computer to play a game, you probably have your hands on your keyboard/mouse, and your eyes on your monitor. You don’t really need anything else, do you? The people over at Roccat think you might.

You might already be familiar with Roccat, as they’ve broken into the gaming peripheral market here in the US this year. Now they want to do more than just control your gaming input. The company has announced their Power-Grid app for mobile devices, and it’s probably not what  you think.

This app, which is currently designed for iOS devices, has a variety of functions. First, it can route all communications from places like Skype, Facebook, and TeamSpeak to your phone. This allows you to keep in contact with friends, without having to leave your game.

The second “grid” will show you the vital stats for your PC. Things like CPU usage, temps, hard drive space and network traffic will be right on your phone’s screen. Finally, the third grid will give you the ability to control the audio on your PC. If you need to turn up Skype, or turn down the game’s volume, you can do that right from the phone. No need to hop out and use the volume mixer in Windows. Just a few taps and you’re done.

What’s probably most exciting about this is that the company intends to release this software for free. You’ll even be able to customize it and make your own grids, with a variety of other tools. We should see this debuting sometime next month, along with other accessories, such as the Project Phobo keyboard, which has a dedicated space for your smartphone.


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