Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 14, 2012

Steampunk Robot Game: Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Happenstance brought me to find this game that is currently in the works, and I couldn’t have been happier to find it. Just to clarify, this game is not touting itself to be in the steampunk genre, but it most certainly fits there. As the official website says, “it taps into a rich seam of tweed-loving British science fiction to conjure a sinister reality where artificial gentlemen hunt humans for sport.” This is most certainly a mixing of Victorian aesthetics and science fiction.


There isn’t a whole lot to go off of at the moment, but there are some lovely photos to feast your eyes on. This game is obviously not going for detail, but from the description and photos provided, I feel as though an element of humor will be present in this game. What with all the tophats and tailcoats on robots, and the premise of the game itself, it is a bit hard to think otherwise. It has a cute and somewhat creepy charm to it, though that might just be my take on things.


This game will be set on a British landscape, while these mechanical hunters set out with red-eyed dogs that are hell-bent on finding you. Although, to them it’s all in good fun, so try not to be too terribly upset over it. It’s almost comical that this game was made merely to be a stepping stone for a later project for Big Robot called Lodestone. I do hope that it will be everything that these pictures are promising us.


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