Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 13, 2012

‘The Fallen’ Is A Halo Fan Film That Makes You Want To Replay The Series [Net Loot]

The Halo series has amassed tons of fans and players throughout the years, and even now it’s still a franchise that’s continuing to keep the attention of loyal gamers. With the next great sequel in the series already in production, many of us are just playing the “sit and wait” game until more news and footage comes out about it. Some others, however, are taking their love for the games and putting it to good use.

There have been some great fan films dedicated to Halo, and they’ve all left their mark on the community. The newest entry into this phenomenon is called “The Fallen,” and it’s a new fan film that was cast, created, and recorded all on a budget of less than $200. It features a veteran, Sgt. Chris Kraemer, who fought in the Human vs Covenant war as he recounts his first encounter with the dreaded enemies while his squad was on a search mission.

There are a few quips about the video, of course, such as the marines’ acting and the condition of the helmet they find in the beginning, but nonetheless it’s a great film. Honestly, watching it has made me want to jump back into the games again. Seriously, a headshot on an unsuspecting grunt is a satisfaction that’s hard to put into words. Check out the film below.


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