Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Mar 8, 2012

Three Battlefield 3 Expansions Coming This Year

Last year brought us Battlefield 3, along with the first expansion. Thankfully DICE has no intention of stopping there. The company has announced three pieces of content that will take us all the way to the end of the year.

In June we can expect to see Close Quarters, which brings a selection of maps which are infantry-only. As the name would imply, these maps won’t have a lot of open areas, and instead focus on tight spaces. You’ll also see a variety of weapons, assignments and dog tags added as well.

The next expansion will be titled Armored Kill, and is going to be the exact opposite of Close Quarters. Big open areas and lots of vehicles are the name of the game here. Expect a variety of new vehicles to drop along with the new maps.

Finally, End Game will round out the content for this Battlefield title sometime in the Winter. Unfortunately DICE gave out no information regarding this expansion, aside from its name. With DLC coming to an end, we can only imagine that they’ll be working on a new game to release sometime in 2013.


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