Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 27, 2012

Classic PS One Titles Are Appearing In PS Vita Store, But Are Unplayable

It’s looking like the PS Vita is about to gain the capability to play games from the original PlayStation. Screenshots were posted on the NeoGAF boards showing Buzz Lightyear of Star Command up for sale in the European PS Vita Store. The price they have listed is £3.99.

The feature isn’t quite ready yet, however. If you try to play the game, all that will happen is that the Vita’s PSP emulator will boot up, and then you’ll get an error message. Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Computer Entertainment did tweet earlier this week, though, that they are working hard on getting PS One games onto the Vita soon.

I find it a bit interesting that the PSP emulator is booting up whenever somebody is trying to play a PS One game. What that seems to tell me is that it’s going to try and run the PS One emulator from the PSP emulator. An emulator in an emulator. It seems to me that that’s a bit wasteful of resources.


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